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Guideme is the new worldwide free how-to manual for everything!

With our free and simple step-by-step guides anybody can easily learn how to do anything. Create your profile, follow your friends and see what they do!

Improve your life
• With our free guides, learn how to cook, draw, play video games, code apps, ride motorbikes, play guitar, clean/fix things...
• Discover new ingredients and tools, new techniques, best practices, tips and tricks...

📈 Save time, money, and headaches
• Easy-to-follow guides with step-by-step instructions and pictures
• Find something to do with a tool or ingredient
• Follow authors you like
• Everything on guideme is free

👫 Together
• Follow your friends and see what they're into
• Show your friends what you're working on, what you've done
• Ask or answer questions
• Meet new people with same interests
• Send and receive private messages
• Get notifications when something happens

📝 Contribute
• Share your thoughts about guides
• Post photos of what you've made
• Add new categories
• Create your own guides
• Make requests
• Collaborate with anyone by inviting them to edit your guides

Join us and let the journey begin!
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Free step-by-step guides, and editor to create your own guides!
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Thank you guys! I like this platform :)
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