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How to find original image used in someone's avatar #Steam  
In this how-to i will show you how to find the original picture used by somebody as their avatar / profile picture! This works with any picture and any Steam u…6.7 y

How to add someone as a friend on Steam  
Learn how to add people to your Steam friends list, so you can find them later on more easily, chat with them, invite them to join your game, view their profil…5.8 y

Comment désactiver la fenêtre pop-up (publicités Steam)  
Parfois Steam ouvre une fenêtre pop-up avec des publicités et les nouveaux jeux sortis. Si vous ne voulez plus voir cette pop up à l'avenir, je vais vous montr…5.8 y

Comment limiter la vitesse de téléchargement de Steam  
Steam télécharge des jeux ou des mises à jour de jeux mais vous avez besoin de regarder quelque chose sur YouTube en même temps? Vous pouvez limiter la vitesse…5.8 y

How to find a relic  
You must escape the island alive, with the helicopter. But the chopper won't let you get in if you don't have a relic with you. Here is how to get one! STEP 1:…5.4 y

Comment changer votre mot de passe Steam  
Si vous avez besoin de changer votre mot de passe de Steam, ce tutoriel vas vous montrer comment faire! [?] Pour des raisons de sécurité, il est conseillé de…5.9 y

How to limit Steam download speed  
Steam is downloading games or a game update but you need to watch something on YouTube in the meantime? You can limit the Steam download speed so you can still…6.8 y

How to make a quick access to steam settings  
If you need to have a quick access to your Steam settings, this tutorial is for you. Especially if you need to frequently change a particular setting, like the…6.8 y

Comment rendre votre profil Steam privé  
Si vous voulez cacher au publique toutes les informations vous concernant, ce tutoriel est fait pour vous. Votre profil Steam sera entièrement privé! Votre pro…5.9 y

How to make your steam profile private  
If you want to hide all information about yourself to the public, this tutorial is for you. Your Steam profile will be entirely private! Your Steam profile can…6.4 y

How to turn off ads pop-up window (steam games update news)  
Sometimes steam opens a pop-up window with ads and new game releases. If you don't want to see this pop-up anymore, I'll show you how to turn it off! For those…6.5 y

Comment ajouter quelqu'un comme ami sur Steam  
Apprenez comment ajouter des personnes à votre liste d'amis Steam, ainsi vous pouvez les retrouver plus tard plus facilement, discuter avec eux, les inviter à…5.8 y

Comment changer le son de la notification Steam "ami est connecté"  
Une astuce sympa pour changer le son de la notification "ami est maintenant connecté" de Steam. Vous pouvez le remplacer par n'importe quel fichier son de votr…5 y

How to change the "friend is now online" Steam notification sound  
A cool trick to change the "friend is now online" notification sound of Steam. You can replace it by any sound file of your choice! STEP 1: Open Windows file e…5 y

How to hold off the infection and find a cure  
If you take some hits by the hupias (the monsters) you might get infected by the virus that make your screen green. If it's the case you must do certain things…5.4 y

Comment voir les jeux les plus joués actuellement sur Steam  
Si vous voulez savoir quels jeux sont les plus joués en ce moment sur Steam, ce guide est pour vous. Pourquoi prendre la peine de voir les jeux les plus joués…5 y

How to change your steam password  
If you need to change your steam password, this tutorial will show you how! [?] For security reasons, it's recommended to change your password every 6 months!…6.5 y

How to view most played games now on Steam  
If you want to know which games are mostly played right now on Steam, this guide is for you. Why bother checking the most played games on steam? • When you wan…5 y

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